About Us

Breeding for over 40 years!

Collies of Huntington Woods, is the  a small collie pet breeder and  home of many beautiful collies located just outside Wellington Ohio on a 35 acre farm.

We strive for beautiful, sound, intelligent collies that have the true collie temperament.  Collies are a great family dog that love people, aim to please, are very smart and adore children.  We have been breeding quality collies for over 40 years and our lines go back to some of the top collies in the country.  

We occasionally have collie puppies in sable, tri, blue merle and sable merle that have eyes checked and are vet health certified. 

Our puppies are well socialized, exceptional, and loyal pets.  All puppies are vet checked, have been dewormed and have received their first shots. All puppies also come with a certified eye exam. Adult dogs occasionally available.

We also offer champion stud service to approved bitches. Many normal eyed studs available as well non-carriers. Most of our dogs are shown in AKC. Some of the available studs are major pointed and close to their Championship.

Collie Varieties


The Collie breed comes in two different varieties—the Rough and the Smooth. The two varieties are identical with the exception of the coat. 

The Smooth has a short, dense and flat coat, while the Rough Collie has a long, well-fitting, harsh-textured coat. It is abundant everywhere except on the head and legs and it is the crowning glory of the Rough variety of Collie.  

Collie Health


As a rule, the Collie is a healthy/hardy breed. However, the Collie, like all breeds of dogs, has certain health issues. 

Collie Eye Anomaly is an inherited eye disease that is present at birth. Collie eyes can be easily checked when the puppies are 5-6 weeks old, by a qualified Board Certified Ophthalmologist. It is something that the average Veterinarian is not qualified to diagnose. Do not buy a Collie from a breeder who hasn’t had the dog’s eyes checked or doesn’t offer a certificate of its status.