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Collies of Huntington Woods, is the home of many beautiful collies located just outside Wellington Ohio on a 35 acre farm.

We have been breeding/showing Collies for 40 years.  We breed to produce sound, healthy and intelligent dogs. Our puppies are well socialized, exceptional, and loyal pets. Collies are always a good choice if you have children. All puppies are vet checked, have been dewormed and have received their first shots. All puppies also come with a certified eye exam.

Many normal eyed puppies available.

We also offer champion stud service to approved bitches. Many normal eyed studs available as well non-carriers. Most of our dogs are shown in AKC. Some of the available studs are major pointed and close to their Championship.

Adult dogs occasionally available.


Here is a little story about PRA and why we got involved with normal eye dogs.

Many years ago I contacted a very reputable breeder on the east coast and purchased a puppy. This was a complete outcross but I wanted the head and body. The puppy was absolutely gorgeous and seemed like a very well fit into my kennel. Well when the dog reached to be about 9 months old, he bit son very badly without warning or cause. By 10 months old the puppy was completely blind. We took the puppy to Ohio State University and diagnosed him with PRA (See health link). I contacted the breeder immediately and  told her what had happened and that I wanted to return the dog. After some fuss, the dog went back to her kennel.

Needless to say, this was a very nice well socialized puppy, but when he started to go blind, his temperament changed and he was a completely different dog. This made me think, what do I want to do with my kennel. I said to myself, well the best thing for me to do is work with my vets and Ohio State to try and make sure this doesn't happen with one of my puppies. I worked long and hard with my vet in choosing the right dogs for my breeding program and have had great success with normal eyes ever since.

Don't get me wrong, you need the total package in the dog and using some dogs that are affected is not always a bad thing to do, but if they do have bad eyes, I like to breed them with my normal and non-carriers to not only get the look of the dog that I want, but also to get the eye exams that everyone wants.

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